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  • Member

    $150.00 / month

    Member (Tier 1) – Basic set-up and access to member portal:
    At this level, members are getting familiar with the basics of HWAA’s paperless environment and how it will benefit their firm.

  • Prestige

    $175.00 / month

    Prestige (Tier 2) – Basic set-up and expanded access to most applications:
    At this level, members are able to integrate the HWAA process into their daily business practices to experience first-hand the benefit of a virtual environment.

  • Elite

    $425.00 / month

    Elite (Tier 3) – Basic set-up and full access to HWAA membership services:
    At this premium level, members have full access to HWAA applications and services, including 24/7 support. They are able to completely integrate membership services into their practices, with the ability to expand their businesses market share, while decreasing operational costs.