Accountants seeking tips from an expert should read this

Our President Mr. John R. Wright, CPA had a unique experience while working at Ernst and Young in the 1980’s. He was not only an auditor, but also had the distinction of one of the firm’s few computer auditors. This was at a time, unlike today, when computer auditing was in it’s infancy.

By the way, as an accountant being in the IT department as a computer auditor was such a huge advantage at that time and remains so today. So that’s why even though I’m new at this firm, Hemphill Wright & Associates Inc., I know he has something that other accountants don’t have. If I were a firm owner or aspiring to have my own firm one day, I would surely seek him out or his team for consultation.

I am proud that our firm has been in existence for more than 30 years already. If you are into technology and think there is a need for a change from long working hours and want to enjoy the fruits of your labor then feel free to contact us. We will talk to you in person, figure out how to improve all aspects of your life through the use of technology. So please contact us at 800-913-3919 and learn everything you need to enhance your bottom line.

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