Switching to the Cloud

Is it worth making the switch?

Cloud computing has gained a lot of momentum over the past few years, which is not surprising especially since it allows companies to streamline their processes, resulting to increased efficiency and productivity. In addition, doing business in the cloud can significantly reduce operational costs and make pertinent information easily accessible to all members of the organisation so you can make business decisions in real time.

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of businesses that use cloud computing services increased by 19% since last year. Companies mostly use the cloud for software products (85%) while 60% does so for storage capacity.

The report also showed the reasons why some organisations are still wary of making the switch: lack of knowledge for the agriculture and fishing industries, and data security for finance.
Regardless of which industry you belong to, cloud computing can be highly beneficial to your business. Here are 5 important things you need to know.

Types of cloud storage

There are different types of cloud storage: public, private, and personal. Public cloud is what big companies like Google and eBay use. Companies use private cloud storage to store and secure information in a hosted data centre. Personal clouds, on the other hand, allow you to store personal information that can be synchronised on your gadgets.

Data becomes easily accessible to everyone:

By putting all data in one secure place, both clients and all members of the organisation can easily access the information they need to perform certain tasks and make decisions. Additionally, being online makes working remotely a breeze since anyone with a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop can quickly and safely access data.

Cloud computing makes it easier for everyone to work anywhere, anytime

Streamlines daily business processes:

Time-consuming tasks like data entry, document scanning, or keeping track of accounts payable and receivable can be streamlined when you have all the data stored in the cloud. You can quickly locate all the data you need. Storing and retrieving files and reports also become easier. There’s no more need for scouring folders or file cabinets.

Doing business in the cloud also makes it easier to get approvals and revisions because you can simply ask the other parties to download and upload files online.

Saves up space, time, and resources:

Making the switch will eliminate the need for hardware, which means you can save space. Moreover, there’s no more need for IT personnel to maintain the equipment, which means you save money and free up time for your team. You can then simply reallocate your resources to more urgent aspects of your business.

No more space-consuming servers and other equipment when you switch to the cloud

Cloud computing will give you peace of mind:

All things considered, making the switch will give you peace of mind. Surely there’s so much going on in running a business and the last thing you want is to worry about whether or not your team members are having difficulties accessing files or if your servers are no longer up-to-date. Making the switch will relieve you of these worries.

-Written by: Nicholas Sinclair via The Outsourced Accountant-

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